Read This If You’re New Here!


May I be the first (and probably only) person to say:


I suppose introductions are in order. Well, my name is Brandon Scott. Though I am often called Coolerbs.

I’m a freelance writer, and a regular contributor to several different sites (for a full list check out the content page.)

I also have my own personal website, which you are on right now.

At least I hope you are…it would be a bit odd otherwise.


Here on I take a lighthearted look at popular media. Usually movies, but overtime I have expanded to include all sorts of things: Videogames, books, cartoons. Really whatever I feel like talking about.

I should mention that this blog is for me, as I am a selfish man. It is said that a writer must write every day, and while I do that in other endeavors, I also get out content twice a week: Every Wednesday and Saturday. But while the blog itself might be for me, the writing is for you.

Yes, You!

No…the other one.

What is the point of writing if I am the only one to read it? Nothing, that’s what! It must be let free to the world.

So that’s the deal. I write, you read. In exchange you guys can dictate what I write, or if you want to, you can contact me personally with articles that you would like posted. Just hit me up over at the contact page.

I want to thank you for coming here. For reading what I have to write. For checking out my site, even though it is just a small bottle in a sea of content. Feel free to comment, feel free to repost. I really appreciate it.

So, come along.

Let’s have some fun!

6 thoughts on “Read This If You’re New Here!

  1. Hi there Brandon, have you ever been a ghost writer? Or do you know much about it? Tying to gather some information.

    Kind regards



    • Hey Eleanor! No, sadly, I’ve never been a ghost writer. I’m a copywriter by trade. If you’re looking for some freelance ghost writing you might want to try ELance or similar online marketplaces. I can’t guarantee the pay will be any good, though.


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