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May I be the first (and probably only) person to say:


I suppose introductions are in order. Well, my name is Brandon Scott. Though I am often called Coolerbs. Here’s what I look like:

Author picture

I’m a younger, freelance copywriter and a contributor to several different sites. I write marketing material for individuals and businesses, along with whatever other writing needs my client might need (if interested in my services, you can email me at

I’m also a fiction writer and author. Dark speculative fiction (horror, science fiction, dystopian, and dark fantasy) is my thing, and I do it a lot. Prolific is not an inaccurate work for my output. I write for this blog twice weekly, with some kind of standard article on Wednesday, usually about whatever topic is currently ticking around in my head. And, on Saturdays (usually) I write some kind of fiction for your reading enjoyment.

I do all of this because I love it, and I’d like to share what I love to do with you. So, take a look around, read whatever you want; there are years of content on this site. I sometimes look back on it and see how I’ve improved in such a short time. How I’ve grown as a person and an artist.

If you want somewhere to begin, though, I’d recommend one of these articles:

They give you a good idea of my values and my opinions. But, it might be just as fun to dive in on whatever my most current articles are and see where it goes. Up to you.

But, in any case, I hope you like reading, I hope you like experiencing my blog. A lot of work goes into making it fun for you guys. I spend more time on it than I probably should if I’m being honest 🙂

And, as if you really do like it…well, I would appreciate it if you went over my Patreon and donated some money (check out the contact page). No pressure, of course, I love doing this regardless, I just would love to be able to spend more time on the art side of my job.

Writing’s my thing, and, if you like it too, if you like any kind of art, then I’m glad to have you here.

I hope you have a wonderful day, reader. Welcome to!


6 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Hi there Brandon, have you ever been a ghost writer? Or do you know much about it? Tying to gather some information.

    Kind regards



    • Hey Eleanor! No, sadly, I’ve never been a ghost writer. I’m a copywriter by trade. If you’re looking for some freelance ghost writing you might want to try ELance or similar online marketplaces. I can’t guarantee the pay will be any good, though.


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