Brandon’s Favorite Things: A List

The subjective nature of art, and the changing of a person’s personality as time goes by, adds up to it being desperately hard to nail down a favorites list. Media shifts as we do—at least from our perspective—and thus we will respond differently than we had minutes before. But, as a creator, and a consumer, and dare I use the pretentious word: “connoisseur” of creative things, I do feel it necessary to try to understand my taste in media, and since this is the internet, the natural tendency is to try to put it into an easy to read list.

So, here we go. I am going to, based on my opinions on this day 2/6/17 (which is when I wrote this…you’ll see the edited version on Wednesday) list out my favorite creation in each form of media I can think to include, along with a short reason for why. Though, to keep the word count reasonable, I’ll keep to only a few short sentences each.

So, here we go. My current all-time favorites. If I had to grab something for entertainment and run, these would be my choices.

Favorite Book: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

There are more interesting books. There are vastly more clever and nuanced books. And the sequel might arguably be better. But, I’m just drawn to the manic mindset. The book has a…vibration to its logic which resonates with my dreamer’s brain. And I’ve read it more times than any other book by a wide margin.

Favorite Movie: Coraline.

When I first saw this movie, I proceeded to watch it every single day for a solid week. Might have been longer. The gorgeous stop motion, the lovely dark logic, and my instant empathetic connection to Coraline as a character makes me still pop it into my DVD player every so often. Its plot has layers you don’t even notice on the first time viewing, and like Alice, it resonates on that same dream logic I like so much.

Favorite Podcast: Night Vale.

I love dark humor. And this is perhaps the most concentrated blast anyone can get anywhere. The delivery of punch lines has near perfect tempo. And, as an added treat, it also often manages to tell an enjoyable (and scary) surreal horror story. The romance story with the main character is cute too.

Favorite Television Series: Sherlock.

Watching Sherlock makes me more observant. A single episode is a jolt to the senses. A single episode reminds me how much stuff I am not paying attention to and examining logically. It is also the smartest and cleverest show I’ve ever seen on television.

Favorite Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Will they please make a new season of this? Please? This series is what would happen if the dark and twisting worlds of Alice and Coraline went all the way with their themes. If the freedom of Nightvale to broach terror, and the visual splendor of an art museum made a child: this would be its demon spawn. It will drain your soul out, make you cry, and screw up your mind in the best, most fun way possible.  

Favorite Song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

What can I say about this song? It’s super popular for a reason, and I have sung it so many times in cars with friends and family, and every time it was a blast of pure living. It’s uplifting in a way no other pop song can top. Even after years of people trying.

Favorite Video Game: BioShock Infinite.

First video game I played that really got to me. I wrote an entire article on this, and its franchise, so go read that. No need for me to repeat myself here. I will be in a perpetual state of feeling like replaying the game for the rest of my life.

Favorite Poem: The Jabberwocky.

What can I say…I love Lewis Carol’s fictitious madness worlds? I can say the first paragraph from heart and I plan to learn the rest of the poem verbatim when I have the time.

Favorite YouTube Series: Brows Held High.

I don’t always agree with everything the series says, and what Kyle says—but I also will drop everything to watch a new upload, so clearly it is important to me. If I could point at the cause of my current exploration of filmmaking and general artsy/pretentious stuff, I would level a finger right at this YouTube series.

Got any of the same favorites? What are your favorites? And why? Share in the comments below. And I’ll see you on Saturday.

Special thanks to: Bob GerkinCollin PearmanDylan AlexanderJerry Banfield, and Michael The Comic Nerd. 

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