Netflix Quest: #8. Chuck

You would be surprised how many parties one can find themselves in on this island. They seem to rage all night, the Lotus Eaters really do have a thing for it. It might just be because they tend to eat the guests when they are done.

Despite the danger of it, I had to be here. To even make it into the next part of the quest I would need a key card, from one of the party goers. By the end of the party it would not matter if he had it or not.

He was not paying much attention, the drinks flowed freely here. He had a pile of glass next to him, and a few of the Lotus Eaters were hanging on his arms. Giving the flesh of it a long look. A few giving glances at his neck.

I moved behind him, hands reaching out. Silent, skillful, I snagged it. The key-card was rather slippery and I almost dropped it. I pulled it close to my chest and walked off. The bathroom opened, and I walked in. Making sure to lock the door, giving the handle a jiggle to ensure it was sealed.

On closer inspection it turned out to be not only the key card, but also another strange object. A disc, one that had a strange silver outline. I gave a quick once over with a scanner. What I saw nearly made me jump out of my skin. The programs on this thing were immense, it had hundreds of terabytes of data on it. Secrets that could easily get me killed.

I knew I needed to return  it, but just for a moment I looked at some of the classifieds. After all, how often do you get to see the The Intersect in person?

How does one begin to describe a show like Chuck? It is a very odd bit of comedy/action. Focusing on a complete nerd who is suddenly thrown into espionage and covert affairs when he is unfortunate enough to look directly at the Intersect. A collection of government secrets and spy techniques.

The show seems to have an understanding of actual nerd culture, well still seeming to rely on stereotypes of it. Think of it as The Big Bang Theory with gun fights, and honestly, I don’t know of a better way to improve that show.

The show has a very creative gimmick. In a lot of episodes they run into seemingly impossible challenges, that could only be solved by NERD POWER!

Got a bomb that is about to go off? Take it down with a DOS attack!

Need to get around a guard? Take him out with chemistry!

It hopped onto the trend of treating Nerds as cool, way before the wave of similar themed shows came out.

I am looking at you V.G.H.S.

It also had a grasp on comedy. One of the characters is a hard-core killer and super spy, and he is constantly being forced to do really mundane things to remain in cover, and the actor just sells it. The unbridled rage bubbling up inside him constantly goes from funny to hilarious the longer it is allowed to build.

In fact that may be the best part of the series. They constantly call attention to the fact that they are highly trained individuals and they need to do the most demeaning jobs. Sorta like Mr and Mrs Smith, but with fast food and Best Buy.

It also has the benefits of having Zachary Levi cast as the main actor. Who may not be the greatest at dramatic acting, but he does have a knack for exactly what the show needs. A nervous, white boy in his 20’s.

I mean that as a complement, I promise.

The show also has surprisingly epic battle scenes, especially for a comedy show. The gun play is fun to watch, and the series has enough guts to occasionally show violence and gore. Now I am not saying that a show needs blood and guts, but when you have characters trying to kill each other, you need to have some level of visual consequence.

So this show seems to have all that you would need to make it popular. Violence, comedy, good acting. What else do you need?

Well, an attractive co-star does not hurt.

Yeah, the show also adds in a hot girl for Zachary Levi’s character to play off of. Leading to all sorts of wacky high-jinks. Mainly because she has to disguise herself as his girlfriend.

Oh did I mention the level of wish-fulfillment in this series, because yeah. It knows how to use it.

So taken as a whole, the show adds up to a funny romp through spy thriller parody, and awkward romances. Utilizing every part of its silly premise to the fullest of its potential. It only improved in quality as it went along, and is still growing on me to this day.

Oh and one other thing:

this entire article is a government cover up, it is, meant to distract you so they can

Please listen, they are planting seeds in the

Why else would fast food chains spring into existence so quickly?

It’s in the water, they are coloring it so that it looks clear, real water is green

Lizard People, chem trails, conspiracy!


This is but one part of the grand Netflix Quest! To check out the others, click here.


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